Welcome to the Vista Grande HOA Website

Welcome to the Vista Grande Official HOA Website.  The board has created this website to offer our Vista Grande community the ability to better interact and communicate with all members of our community.

Have questions, need HOA docs, want to know what is happening in the community.  Stop by the website regularly for updates on all items related to Vista Grande and the Clermont Community.

Thank you
Vista Grande HOA

One thought on “Welcome to the Vista Grande HOA Website”

  1. We are having a serious problem with the retention area on the intersection of Isle Way and Lynwood and the area that runs behind the homes on Lynwood. The grass is rarely cut. It looks like the Serengeti! It is not maintained at all. It should be cared for as well as the main entrance. When they do cut it (about once a month at best), they only do a portion and never the entire area. It is disgraceful. We need this taken care of on a regular basis. Weekly in the summer and bi-weekly during the winter months. Just as we are expected to keep our lawns maintained, our community hoa should be held to the same if not higher standard. Please address this issue.

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